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Local Area News

Apr 2014
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The Brass Rail - Selfridges Food Hall

The Brass Rail - Selfridges Food HallThe salt beef sandwich, like most comfort foods, is a simple affair both to prepare and serve. Beef brisket is cured in brine until pink and tender. Generous slices are piled onto rye bread with optional mustard and gherkin. The perfect salt beef sandwich must offer a balance between moist beef and sturdy bread without having the mustard overpower both. Opinions vary on which establishment sells the best example of the genre but it helps to know the source of the brisket being used. A Deli that cures it's own beef is a sure sign that your sandwich will be as near to perfection as possible.

The second sign of a good salt beef operation is where the Brass Rail excels. Some of their counter staff have spent decades in the trade and are experts in slicing portions that contain just the right combination of lean meat and fat and it's not uncommon to see regular customers hang back in the line (pretending to look for their money or something equally bogus) until their favourite veteran takes over slicing duties. Salt beef queuing politics? Oy! The Brass Rail is conveniently sited next to entrance of Selfridges Food Hall so if you feel inspired after a hearty sandwich, you can always go shopping for delicacies.
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Chelsea vs Paris St Germain - Stamford Bridge

Chelsea vs Paris St Germain - Stamford BridgeThe Blues are sitting pretty on top of the domestic premiership as one of the more intriguing campaigns of recent years enters its final stretch. However, anyone who knows football will tell you that Roman Abramovich's billions as well as Jose Mourinho's ego are making them look further afield. Chelsea won the European Champions League two years ago as they overcame massive odds to beat both Barcelona and Bayern Munich. They were underdogs and they played that way, winning ugly and enjoying quite a lot of good fortune along the way. This time they will want to do it in style; Abramovich because he dreams of champagne football to match his lifestyle and Mourinho because he'll want to hog all the credit for himself.

Like Chelsea, PSG have, by and large, paid big bucks for their success and in Zlatan Ibrahimovic have a world class talent, capable of winning matches single-handedly. They will come to Stamford Bridge having already played the first leg and Mourinho will be happy to be on level terms or thereabouts as he is the proven master of the tense, tactical draw. Nevertheless, his boss will want to see all out attack and in Samuel Eto'o they just might have the cutting edge that they have lacked since the departure of fellow African, Didier Drogba. If the Parisians come to London needing to win and with the mercurial Ibrahimovic in the right frame of mind, we could be in for a footballing treat.
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Cinemas Londonwide

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Cinemas LondonwideYou can't help feeling sorry for Ol' Cap. He doesn't have a titanium suit or a cave run by a posh manservant and he wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider. All he's got is a shield that serves as a target for gun toting baddies and his finely tuned American sense of justice for all. The latter trait is the thing that all Marvel directors seem to take pains with so as to not turn their hero into a jingoistic meathead and in The Winter Soldier, this instinct is firmly intact. Whereas the first Captain America movie focused on the characters origins fighting the nazis, part two brings us bang up to date with shady deals in the pentagon and mysterious drones flying unauthorised missions.

Together with his on/off partner, Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson), the Captain uncovers a plot that leads to the heart of government but his whistle-blowing attempts lead to a price being put on his head. This leads to all manner of entertaining CGI assisted shoot outs that take place in a variety of locations. Needless to say, justice is done, butts are kicked and World Peace is safeguarded......until next time!
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