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Local Area News

Sep 2014
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Proms in the Park - Hyde Park

Proms in the Park - Hyde ParkThe BBC Proms continues to push the envelope of classical music with a programme that breaks new ground every year and 2014 promises to be no exception. In Hyde Park, Earth, Wind & Fire and Rufus Wainwright will pave the way for acclaimed soprano, Pumeza Matshikiza. Sir Terry Wogan will be hosting the outdoor section of the evening with his usual cheery aplomb and the revellers will have a live link to the events taking place across the road in the Royal Albert Hall

Indoors, Sakari Oramo will conduct the BBC Symphony Orchestra and star soloists will include violinist Janine Jansen and baritone Roderick Williams. The last night opens with the world premiere of Gavin Higgins' BBC commission, Velocity, and continues with a Mary Poppins sing-along to mark the 50th anniversary of the release of the Disney classic. The climatic medley of patriotic music is one of the enduring experiences of the late summer and is not to be missed.
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Trisha Donelly - Serpentine Gallery

Trisha Donelly - Serpentine GalleryDonnelly is well known in modern art circles for the self-contained logic that drives her exhibitions. She works in many mediums such as drawing, photography, video, film and sound art. The old concepts of what makes one superior to another are completely alien to her as she continually defines new parameters and terms of reference. At the Serpentine gallery, Donnelly plans to ambush the viewers' senses with disparate installations and thought provoking pieces.

A graduate of UCLA and Yale, Donnelly refused to allow medium or message to set the agenda for her work. Ever the performance artist, she once delivered a scrambled imperial speech to bemused visitors at one of her New York exhibitions - on horseback! The Serpentine's location in the middle of Hyde Park may tempt her to do likewise here, although she rarely repeats herself.
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Beach Blanket Babylon - Notting Hill

Beach Blanket Babylon - Notting HillBold, beautiful and confident. Are we talking about the venue, the food or the staff? Well all of them, actually because BBB is quite the consummate Notting Hill eatery: high end, high spec and dedicated to the high life. A series of interlinked catacombs are full to bursting with marble, velvet and smoked glass. Opulent luxury can sometimes result in starchy service but the staff here are friendly, swift and attentive.

The smart set come here for the extravagant cocktails and Beach Blanket doesn't disappoint. Classics or bespoke, fruity, creamy or those that kick like a mule - there's something for every taste. The chef is certainly no slouch either as the wonderfully tender lamb, lobster in mini brioche and foie gras all exude old-world glamour and complement the drinks perfectly.
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