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Nov 2014
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Britten's War Requiem - Royal Albert Hall

Britten's War Requiem - Royal Albert HallThe destruction of Coventry Cathedral in WWII has long been seen as a metaphor for the futility of war. When it was rebuilt, the nation's most celebrated composer, Benjamin Britten was commissioned to write a War Requiem. On Remembrance weekend at the Royal Albert Hall, the piece will be performed in its entirety. Britten took as his inspiration the words of young English war poet, Wilfred Owen, himself killed in action on 4 November 1918, just days before the armistice.

Britten intentionally chose soloists from Russia, Germany and Great Britain when premiering the work in 1961. In 2014, with our troops coming home from Afghanistan, it's even more imperative to foster a spirit of international cooperation. The orchestra will feature some of the best classical musicians from around the world as the Royal Albert Hall seeks to honour the courage and sacrifice that will never be forgotten.
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All Star Bowling - Bayswater

All Star Bowling - BayswaterAll Star Lanes is a company that has dragged ten pin bowling away from its tacky 80s conventions by waging war on bad food. It's really no use installing video screens, DJs and multi-coloured bowling balls if you're still churning out cold pies and soggy chips. All Star Lanes in Bayswater gets its culinary inspiration from the rock 'n' roll era that birthed the bowling phenomenon in the first place. A comprehensive list of burgers, ribs and chicken wings is supplemented by even more ambitious fare.

Rib-eye steak, prawn tacos and even whole Lobster can be ordered from the comfort of your lane. Party, kids and Christmas menus are available and the "Elvis Milk Shake (Peanut butter and strawberry jelly topped with bacon) should come with a government health warning! The bowling equipment is top notch and the private hire facilities make All Star Lanes ideal for parties.
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Horst: Photographer of Style - Victoria and Albert Museum

Horst: Photographer of Style - Victoria and Albert MuseumHorst P. Horst (1906-99) knew the difference between fashion and elegance only too well and he always sought to bring the latter to the former. A master of dramatic use of light and shade, he effortlessly caught the sensual effect of women's clothing and worked tirelessly to improve the standards of his chosen profession. Indeed, it was the German-born Horst that brought professionalism to the fashion shoots of Paris and New York. He insisted large format cameras, technical assistants and - most importantly - artistic freedom.

This insistence on raising the bar had the positive effect of encouraging professional attitudes throughout the industry. Models were no longer selected because they were aristocratic hangers-on. Editors had to demonstrate an eye for fashion and a head for marketing. The famous monochrome images of statuesque models in dramatic angular evening wear have never gone out of fashion. Horst brought a work-rate, seriousness and sense of occasion to fashion photography.
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