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Out And About In London

Tower Bridge RisingLondon remains one of the most remarkably distinguished capital cities of the world, carrying with it an extraordinarily rich history and culture. Its delightful landscape is a true mélange of historical icons from a glorious past interspersed with modern day examples of architectural genius. This daring juxtaposition is both bold and audacious like the city itself. From St Paul's Cathedral to the Gherkin, London's 21st century skyline is striking in every sense of the word.

Another point that is equally striking, is the sheer diversity of languages, cultures and ethnicities that comprise the city's population. During London's successful bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, the capital was officially recognised as being the most culturally diverse city in the world even overtaking New York. The welcoming and accommodating nature of London has enabled communities from every continent of the world to make a home right here.

As you will discover, there is certainly no shortage of places to visit, sights to see and adventures to be had. Whether you decide to concentrate on the delights of central London or venture further afield, the city and its' surrounding areas continue to unearth one endless treasure trail after another.