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Local Area News

Oct 2021
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Speed-the-Plow - Playhouse Theatre

playhousetheatrelondonThe phenomenon of seeing Hollywood A-listers treading the West End boards has come about because, these days, credibility can be converted into cash and vice versa. The Lindsay Lohan/David Mamet marriage of convenience is the latest example of a trend that goes something like this: Lohan realises that her reputation and career need a boost - she needs to be seen working hard at her craft inside the theatre, not falling hard out of taxis outside nightclubs. Mamet's plays are credible, widely admired but not widely watched. People will turn up even if LiLo crashes and burns because that's what LiLo does, right?

The delicious irony in all this is that Speed-the-Plow is a play about how good art gets made for all the wrong reasons. Mamet dissects the reality of how money, lust and ego corrupt the creative process and how people of seemingly unquestionable integrity can convince themselves that a piece of cinematic garbage can shine if the right amount of deception is brought to bear. Does Lindsay know something we don't?
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Beach Blanket Babylon - Notting Hill

Beach Blanket Babylon - Notting HillBold, beautiful and confident. Are we talking about the venue, the food or the staff? Well all of them, actually because BBB is quite the consummate Notting Hill eatery: high end, high spec and dedicated to the high life. A series of interlinked catacombs are full to bursting with marble, velvet and smoked glass. Opulent luxury can sometimes result in starchy service but the staff here are friendly, swift and attentive.

The smart set come here for the extravagant cocktails and Beach Blanket doesn't disappoint. Classics or bespoke, fruity, creamy or those that kick like a mule - there's something for every taste. The chef is certainly no slouch either as the wonderfully tender lamb, lobster in mini brioche and foie gras all exude old-world glamour and complement the drinks perfectly.
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Marvel Super Heroes 4D Experience - Madame Tussaud's

Marvel Super Heroes 4D Experience - Madame Tussaud'sThe old planetarium section of Madame Tussaud's has been converted into a Superhero Command Centre, giving visitors the opportunity to mingle with Iron Man and company. Captain America, Spiderman and the Hulk have all been lovingly recreated in a series of SHIELD themed scenarios where you can take pictures and hang out (quite literally in the case of Spiderman). Added to this are some interactive props that are fun to mess around with such as Wolverine claws, green Hulk bubbles and mutation mirrors.

The Command Centre is where the excitement really gets ramped up. The 4D experience means 3D with added sensory input and is where marvel predictably beat all comers. Visitors are given an "Iron Man's point of view" of London in peril and can take part in a heroic rescue. The effects are largely well judged - air jets at floor and head level from all directions, water sprays, and an unexpected claw-jab through the seat back from Wolverine all feature in addition to the traditional shaky floor. The effect timing is spot on and adds to the experience rather than drawing attention to itself.
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