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Jul 2024
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Notting Hill Kitchen

Notting Hill KitchenThis Iberian themed restaurant takes a trio of foundational values into account, when compiling its menu. Atlantic fish, Alentego pork and lesser known Iberian wines all feature heavily and make a keen exploration of the menu almost mandatory. Chef, Luis Baena served under Joel Robuchon and has picked up some formidable skills along the way which is bound to be appreciated here in West London.

Prawn sausages and Portuguese salt cod are perfectly healthy starters that fulfil that difficult task of providing a substantial course without ruining the appetite. Veal cheeks with oxtail is served on a bed of the most delicious fluffy mashed potato. Nata is a sublime dessert inspired by the custard tart which is almost omnipresent on the Iberian peninsula. Here, it's made into something that resembles a millefeuille, such is the delicacy with which it is put together.
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Piano Kensington - Kensington High Street

Piano Kensington - Kensington High StreetWhen it comes to piano bars, London has been quite content to let New York to rule the roost - the town that gave us Gershwin, Porter and Streisand definitely deserves a head start. However, this fact needn't deter someone with the right kind of skill, know how and connections. Step forward Bazz Norton who has set up this intimate lounge centred around his 160 year-old Collard & Collard grand piano. Bazz and his wife, Moya know their way around every easy-listening classic you could care to name and always have an appreciative crowd to play to.

Everybody chips in with requests, suggestions and contributions. It's not karaoke; nor is it open mike night. It's something that only a highly skilled musician and a knowledgable crowd can create. Off course, the waiters all weigh in with note perfect show tunes in between serving sophisticated cocktails - it's that kind of place.
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All Star Bowling - Bayswater

All Star Bowling - BayswaterAll Star Lanes is a company that has dragged ten pin bowling away from its tacky 80s conventions by waging war on bad food. It's really no use installing video screens, DJs and multi-coloured bowling balls if you're still churning out cold pies and soggy chips. All Star Lanes in Bayswater gets its culinary inspiration from the rock 'n' roll era that birthed the bowling phenomenon in the first place. A comprehensive list of burgers, ribs and chicken wings is supplemented by even more ambitious fare.

Rib-eye steak, prawn tacos and even whole Lobster can be ordered from the comfort of your lane. Party, kids and Christmas menus are available and the "Elvis Milk Shake (Peanut butter and strawberry jelly topped with bacon) should come with a government health warning! The bowling equipment is top notch and the private hire facilities make All Star Lanes ideal for parties.
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