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Sep 2018
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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Savoy Theatre

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Savoy TheatreEveryone loves a good con story. All human frailty is paraded as the swindlers prey on the gullible and the chancers trap the greedy. Somehow, we come away feeling slightly smug as if to say " We'd never fall for that, would we?" Dirty Rotten Scoundrels tap dances into our hearts with clever songs and sprightly tunes which mask the cold-hearted motives of the two anti-heroes played by Robert Lindsay and Rufus Hound. They both have the musical and comic chops to pull off a variety of witty routines with Lindsay being especially at home with cane and spats.

Their rivalry develops as they seek to fleece rich widows while living it up on the Riviera but as they then fall in love with the same girl, complications start to unravel their plans. Choreography, sets and casting are inch-perfect, making this musical ideal for shaking off the winter blues.
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Bateaux London - River Thames

Bateaux London - River ThamesBateaux is a river cruise experience that presents London as the ideal romantic backdrop for lovers. Consisting of a fleet of luxurious boats that are equipped to provide fine dining and live music, Bateaux London glides down the Thames past all the famous landmarks and allows the lights of the capital to work their magic. Book a window table and you and your partner will be served a fantastic five course dinner with champagne while viewing the sights.

After your meal, you can stroll on the all-weather upper deck before returning to the main lounge to dance to romantic classics played by the Bateaux house band. Compared to some other Thames cruises, Bateaux London is definitely a step up in class and if you want to experience this, then there is no better time than on Valentine's Day.
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Science Museum - Kensington

Science Museum - KensingtonThe Science Museum refuses to be overshadowed by it's mammoth Natural History neighbour. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in terms of energy, imagination and interactivity. Exhibitions here draw heavily from Dr Who film sets but are much more fascinating, owing to the fact that the phenomena described here is real.

The Energy Show is a fine example of this approach. Dynamic young experimenters guide us through a world of methane bubbles, hydrogen balloons and exploding fireballs in a race to uncover knowledge and scare us all to death! Even if your inner geek is fairly under control, a visit to this corner of Kensington is liable to have you browsing the internet for a used lab coat pretty soon.
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